• God Doesn’t Want Just Your Money; He Wants Your Life
    A missionary has come to visit. They went to your home, your church, or your prayer group. They told stories. They spoke with passion about the work they are doing in distant lands. Their words stirred your spirit. You wept when you heard about a brother or sister in Christ’s […]
  • It’s Baffling Being Bilingual
    I grew up with two languages, Khmer and English. My first word in Khmer was the word for “banana,” ចេក, and my first word in English was “cup.” I think of being bilingual as having two language trees growing in my heart. One tree is English. It is a strong, […]
  • Hymn #177: Translated from Khmer
    Is your strength gone or what, that you’re afraid and aren’t serving God? (aren’t serving God) Is your strength gone or what, that you’re afraid and aren’t serving God? His favor is enough, is enough, enough for you now, Oh, yes,​ dear one! God’s grace is enough, is enough, enough […]
  • He Has Made Everything Beautiful in Its Time
    What is a moment? A moment is the space between one breath and the next, the pause when sounds and silence are taken together. Listen. Time hangs suspended, dust in a sunbeam. The world is still; thoughts quiet. Then- gone. Look away from the screen. Pause. Have a moment. *** […]
  • Sea-Spell in Kep
    The sea sounds— relentless rush of rain, full on a clear night. Sewn into the sable sky, high stars glint in their patterns. The moon hangs, suspended, a dark sphere in a bright cradle, a golden hammock slung on a void. Out of the sea a hundred white wings of […]